Paul Redmond


Research Interests
Applied Econometrics, Labour Economics, Political Economy, Electoral Systems, Game Theory


McGuinness, S., Pouliakas, K., Redmond, P., 2017. Skills mismatch: Concepts, measurement and policy approaches. Forthcoming, Journal of Economic Surveys

Redmond, P. 2017. Incumbent-challenger and open-seat elections in a spatial model of political competition. Public Choice, 170 (1-2), 79-97.

Redmond, P., Regan, J., 2015. Incumbency advantage in a proportional electoral system: a regression discontinuity analysis of Irish elections. European Journal of Political Economy, 38, 244-256.

Pastine, I., Pastine, T., Redmond, P., 2015. Incumbent-quality advantage and counterfactual electoral stagnation in the U.S. Senate. Politics, 35(1), 32-45.

Book / report chapters
Maitre, B., McGuinness, S., Redmond, P., 2016. A note on the national minimum wage. Published as Chapter 6 of Recommendations for the National Minimum Wage 2016, Low Pay Commission, Dublin, Ireland.

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